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who are we?

Founded in 2022, AMHWAL Academy is one of the leading training providers in Scotland for Mental Health, Wellbeing and Leadership Development. Our trainings are fun, practical, and transformational. The training combines the elements of neuroscience, psychology, and executive coaching to enable and empower trainees to change behaviours and personalities.

Our training programs are regularly updated to include the latest research in the fields of mental health, leadership, and human psychology. Our mission is to make corporate training more transformational and less educational.

AMHWAL Academy has experience working with small, medium, and large organisations in the public and private sectors.

why do we do what we do?
  • To Empower Minds
  • To Transform Leaders
  • To Improve Business and Wellness
How do we do it?

By creating highly engaging training and coaching programs that focus more on transformation and less on education. Programs that challenge the norms and practices based on outdated research. 

what do we do?

We provide bespoke training and coaching based on the latest research in neuroscience and psychology to develop people and leadership in growth-oriented forward-thinking organisations of all shapes and sizes.


Anurag Rai, founder of Superhuman In You and AMHWAL Academy, is a best-selling author known for his books "The Power Within" and "Mind 2.0". An award-winning coach and master NLP Practitioner, he specializes in Human Psychology and Leadership.

He is a registered Occupational Psychologist and a registered Faculty of Leadership and Management with the British Psychological Society. Anurag has led multiple successful businesses and diverse teams.

Celebrated as the UK's top Executive Coach by Bark Magazine, he was also named Scotland's Most Empowering Coach in 2022 and Leadership Coach of the Year in 2023. His work focuses on unlocking potential and inspiring transformative growth in individuals and organizations.


Executive Coach, Chief Psychologist & Trainer